Custom Awards & Branded Displayable Products


Our designs have been offered to our end-user clients through authorized promotional products distributors as protected subject-matter, for consideration and use only by those intended through our customer channels.  If you are inclined to predatory behavior and seek to poach our designs and our work, please think twice.  Our work is legally protected, and you will be summoned with a cease & desist.  So let’s lawyer down and do the right thing to begin with.  Do your own homework.  Do not covet thy neighbor’s work.  We understand and respect that all is fair in love, war and business, but we operate within legal bounds.  It is strongly suggested you should too.  We live in a Society where seemingly nothing is sacred, but our Awards and our work are protected.


We represent our work as our work, and we protect ourselves and you equally.  If it is business you have helped us win, we are sincerely grateful.  If you are looking to do business with us, our doors and our creative solutions are wide open to you.  But if you are on the outside looking in, encroaching on our work and the work of another distributor is akin to breaking and entering.  Not nice.  Tend to your own flock, or get the flock out.


We deeply respect that you have entrusted us with your brand and your image, and we handle that privilege with great care.  We know there might be temptations to be lured into the white van of a better price.  We can’t stop you, but we can offer the old advice of caveat emptor.  Make sure the watch flashed inside the overcoat is gold.  And that it works.  Ask lots of questions.  Ask where it’s made.  And ask why a majority of our work that is diverted from us on the basis of price ends up coming back to us.  To fix and make right.  And usually with a different buyer involved.